Homemade Detox Drinks: How do they Benefit Me?

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The New Years Resolution 

The New Year is around the corner, and it’s time to make that one final resolution - “The resolution to commit to a healthier lifestyle." If you are committed to a healthier version of yourself, keep reading. 

Haven't we all followed that certain celebrity on Instagram who gives us a fitness mantra and attributes a great deal of success to detoxifying themselves? Let me tell you, you don't have to look for expensive options. You could make it all from your own home and tailor it to your taste-buds.

Drinking homemade detox drinks can be instrumental in flushing out toxins and in addition provides the much-needed nutrition to your body. So allow me to help you better understand the importance of homemade detox drinks and the benefits that each of you beautiful people can get out of them.

Homemade Detox Drinks

Some Benefits of Homemade Detox Drinks

There are a countless number of benefits that one can derive out of healthy detox drinks, based on the ingredients you choose. Depending upon your needs, women interested in health/fitness and detoxifying their body should try to increase their intake of detox drinks for their amazing benefits, including:

Revitalises your energy level 

Healthy detox drinks not only hydrate your body, in addition they also ensure your body will reinvigorate with nutrients that come from fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Dehydration can cause fatigue, loss of concentration and occasionally lead to a headache. Drinking 2.5 to 3 liters of water a day helps you stay calm and composed with a higher energy level. Starting your day with a liter of homemade detox drink will not only keep you hydrated but also inch you closer to your daily recommended water intake.

Water intake is directly related to bowel movements. 

A prolonged period of low water intake could lead to constipation, which in turn results in discomfort and feeling bloated. Homemade detox drinks can give you the daily dose of hydration and can potentially improve digestion capacity. Not to mention help with any problematic bowel movements.

Boosts immunity

Intake of fruits and vegetables improves our body immunity, especially those that are rich in Vitamin C. Daily intake of homemade detox drinks can be a good starting point to increase your vitamin C levels.

Improves your digestion capacity

While there are a plethora of benefits that come from consuming detox drinks over a period, those above are the ones most cited benefits that are relatively easy to observe. One must remember, that one needs to be disciplined and committed to healthy practices, and lifestyle, to realise the potential of homemade detox drinks. It is a combination of multiple factors and not just any one single factor to see those transformational changes.

​​​​Even More Benefits of Detox

Weight loss 

Ask a lady about getting into that perfect shape, and you have enough material to discuss – long enough for the night to turn into day. Every woman wants to look good, and feel good too. Irrespective of your age group, shedding that extra pound of stubborn fat is a wish for every woman. Let me highlight some of the simplest, yet effective health detox drinks you can start with, right now:

Simplest of all, detox water  

Research shows that litres of water can boost your metabolic rate by about 30% for an hour. Obese adults following such practice lost 40% more weight than those who didn’t. If you consume detox water a few hours before your meal, it reduces hunger and helps you control excess food intake. Additionally, the nutrients that go along with detox water are more effective than plain water alone.

Homemade Detox Drinks

Ingredients to add 

Here is some ideas of detox water that you can prepare at home, and some ingredients that are easy to source:

  • Slices of apple (remember an apple a day, keeps the doctor away) and pieces of cinnamon
  • A mix of cucumber and mint leaves
  • Small pieces of peeled watermelon coupled with a few mint leaves
  • Lemon goes perfectly with a hint of ginger or even Cayenne pepper or even with a few strands of orange.
  • A couple of blackberries and few strands of orange
  • A fusion of grapefruit and rosemary
  • Finely chopped strawberry pulps and basil leaves

Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Detox 

Mix two tablespoons (tbsp) of apple cider vinegar with 2 tbsp lemon, add honey to taste and mix it in a glass of water. This healthy detox drink is known to improve metabolism, speed up weight loss, improves heart functioning and balances pH levels.
Healthy Homemade Detox Drink

Women and Detox Drinks

Women in the age group of 18 to 25  

Late teens to mid-twenties for women is generally considered to be high on physical activities, together with stress to achieve acceptance to a university, and succeed in having a good career. This is a time when women need healthy detox drinks that boost immunity and relieve stress.

  • Include a heavy dose of 5 to 6 portions of vegetables and fruits that have vitamin A, B & E, to reduce stress. Avocados and strawberries are a must for your healthy detox drink.
  • Stay hydrated with a minimum of six to eight glasses of water.
  • Replace regular tea and caffeine-rich drinks with herbal tea. Also herbal tea can be a great source of detoxification and boost immunity.

Women in the age group of 25 to 40 

Denotes a stressful time for women juggling for the perfect balance between their personal and professional life. The challenge is higher when you have to take care of your growing child.

  • Include a lot of lemon and citric fruits in your healthy detox drink.
  • Drink water combined with engaging in physical activities such as yoga, work outs, swimming, etc. To ensure you sweat well and remove toxic wastes in your skin and body.
  • Be sure to maintain a healthy and disciplined approach to hydration and try to give up any unhealthy habits.
Homemade Detox Drink

Women in the age group of 40 to 60 

This age group is marked by significant hormonal changes in women,coupled with the effect of menopause.

  • Reduce or limit the scope of sugar intake including sugar-rich fruits. Your detox drink should have a good amount of fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C to keep you healthy.
  • Reduce intake of Non organic vegetables and fruit, and if possible substitute them to  organic.
  • Caffeine and aerated drinks can be replaced with probiotic supplements to replenish the number of good bacteria in your body.


In conclusion homemade detox drinks can be beneficial for women of all age groups when combined with a balanced diet. You must be disciplined with their consumption across the year and not just limit it to a typical wishful New Year resolution that fades away with time. Be healthy, spread happiness!

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